Clipboard Printer

What is it?

Clipboard Printer
  is an expansion of the UNIX GUI utility called 'xclipboard' that allows users an quick and easy way of printing, managing, and saving to disk, multiple clipboards.

Often times when harvesting data on the web from various resources, most web browsers  provide functionality for printing pages in their entirely but not simply selected text, wasting paper and other printing resources.  Clipboard Printer fills this obvious interface gap by allowing users to only print out what they have selected. There is a clipboard viewer that allows you to toggle between the various clipboards saved giving users the opportunity to delete materials no longer deemed appropriate. It is a handy study and research tool.

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Can I used Clipboard Printer on my computer?

Clipboard Printer is built using the Java language and is portable to all Java enabled platforms, which include but is not limited to Mac OS, OS X, Windows 9x - XP, UNIX, Linux.

How do I add more clipboard selections to the list to be printed?

Simple, just select some text and copy to the clipboard, then using the Mac OS Menu or toolbar (Windows, UNIX toolbar only) select the 'append to clipboard' menu or append button in the toolbar.

How do I change the font and font size of the printout?

Click the 'Prefs' toolbar button and choose from an available list of fonts on your computer from drop down menu. Enter the font size in the available entry field.

Is the program fully functional or do I need to register?

The program is fully fuctional. There is only a mark at the start of each printout requesting the user to register.

How do I register?
You can register Clipboard Printer here.

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